React: Event-driven PHP


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Interesting and funny!

Nice overview of non-blocking servers. I'd have liked to see some more real-world examples. Everyone uses chat apps as an example, but no one ever writes chat apps in the real world.

I wasn't expecting this one.

Funny and conceptual.

You amazed me with this (as you did last year with websockets)

Definitely, you leave me with a lot to research and play around.

I doubt that PHP will be anyone's choice of event-driven programming any time soon but the session did cover some hidden gems in PHP's networking abilities. Igor introduced some interesting ideas that I'll be digging into for use in other projects.

And as other said, the presentation was fun and enjoyable.

Agreed with Eric - don't see php dominating the landscape for this any time soon. However, the talk was very interesting, and the pure gall of doing this in php is just fun. Didn't realize there were actually libevent and libev extensions for php, even better. Not to mention Igor was just fun to listen to... "DUDE!". :)

Anonymous at 14:53 on 2 Mar 2013

Awesome, this guy has a deep understanding of what he's talking about. Very interesting subject too.

Hidden gem. I enjoyed how Igor was at ease and how he masters the subject. An eye opener session, I will most definitely use what I learned in this talk!

Anonymous at 17:32 on 7 Apr 2013

It feels like folks are not reading between the lines, this is bigger then PHP. It's the future of web once combined with rest of the vision. MW.