Solution Design: The Hidden Side of UX


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Nice UX overview - lots of good hints (and tool recommendations) about finding out what your users really want. Glad that not much time was spent on UI-ish things to help clarify the role of UX in app development. I wish there'd been a bit more about research strategies (other than mentioning a few practices at a high level) and how someone more on the development side of things could apply those.

Great presentation & energy level. You ended with plenty of time to spare, so some things I might suggest include going into a bit more detail about Evernote up front (for those who don't know as much about its features), and talking more about some of the research practices, as Chris also commented, such as personas, scenarios, and usability testing. I think the follow-up question to your talk about some of those aspects of research provided a lot of value.

Great overview of low-cost UX research and design, and you made it easy to see why developers should be interested. Nice work!

Coherent and well structured talk. Your breakdown of solution-oriented UX development makes a lot of sense. And yes, more time spent on user-test would be more than welcome. I get the sense we all understand just how great and useful user test is, but it reminds me of healthy nutritional habits: we all see the benefits, yet not many people eat right :) Having some down-to-earth, practical comments on how you go about user test within a truly iterative UX design project would be invaluable.