Using Javascript to Build Native Mobile Applications


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Anonymous at 11:00 on 1 Mar 2013

Speaker seemed to know his stuff, but apparently woke up 5 minutes before the talk. Live coding is always risky, and there was a lot of dead air during the session.

Anonymous at 11:00 on 2 Mar 2013

Didn't seem fully prepared. Also didn't seem like he even liked Titanium but was trying to convince the audience to try it? Interesting topic if it was presented properly, and if he was awake.

Entertaining speaker but the clever jokes couldn't really make up for the problems with live coding. I appreciated the attempt (because successful live coding > slides) but things just weren't working out smoothly. Also, I wasn't convinced that using Titanium wouldn't cause its own, completely new, problems which is always a danger when using ambitious tools (with, apparently, draconic copyright methods).

speaker was entertaining, i can appreciate how hard live coding is, and even though there were a few moments where things didn't go right, I received a thorough understanding of the topic and excited to build an app