Anti-Spam & Anti-Gaming Tactics


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Anonymous at 00:11 on 12 Mar 2010

Excellent talk

Lots of great tidbits and insight into solving the problem, sometimes in unorthodox ways you don't think of.

Anonymous at 22:33 on 12 Mar 2010

great talk. straight forward very well organized!
thanks Eli!

I think the talk might benefit from a bit more structure (heading to a specific goal such as measuring what each tactic would do to user happiness vs spammer frustration to end at a good balance depending on different scenarios (if you're a blog you can stop here, if you're a new social startup you can stop here, if you're digg you need to go all the way here) rather than just going from simple to complex), but this would only be good if it didn't take away from Eli's conversational style.

Many excellent suggestions, thanks.

Interesting - thanks for sharing these tips with us!

Good overview. I knew more than I thought I did but still learned surprising things. As usual, great, well rehearsed presentation style.

Nice talk Eli! Lessons in there for anyone who accepts content from users and wants them to vote on whether they like it or not.