Dependency Injection in PHP 5.2 and 5.3


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Well structured as an intro to DI and why to use it, but the people who are not already using DI might not see the benefits of the DI container or be able to follow the code used to create it, which might turn them off to DI in general.

When you asked if anyone had questions midway through the talk and no one raised their hand, I had the feeling nobody wanted to admit to not being able to follow it. A lot of people seemed to be stirring about, uncomfortable. You went through it a bit fast given the amount of code and complexity, and some of the code colors were hard to see.

I had read the documentation and seen the slides before so I was able to follow, but I know the first time I saw this design pattern and the DI container it threw me for a loop.

Nice progression from simple DI to the full DIC (and some of the key benefits). What I liked about the container example was the practical use of some new features (anonymous functions, closures) in 5.3. Thank you for that.