There has been a lot of interest in PHP performance lately spurred by
Facebook's HipHop PHP announcement in February. Most people don't know
how fast their site is and will make uninformed architecture decisions
or spend time optimizing the wrong things based mostly on myths and
innuendo. This talk will try to get you started down the path of a
systematic approach to benchmarking, profiling and optimizing your
entire web site.


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Slides are at

@sheeri (me) did a liveblog of what Rasmus said, complete with links to all the tools he mentioned at

Rasmus talks are always good talks, and this one did not disappoint.

Awesome talk, as always from Rasmus. He stepped through a process of augmenting performance of an application (Wordpress in this case). Including the use of HipHop, with some real serious discussions of when/whether HipHop is for you or not.

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Anonymous at 22:34 on 12 Mar 2010

I think the talks should be always different from one year to another. The same talk 2 years in a row is not sexy :) especially for those who pay 600 bugs to see the same thing.