This presentation is a whirlwind tour of the Solar framework for PHP 5. After a short bit of background, the presentation will outline the major concepts in Solar: everything is a library, the unified constructor, unified configuration, inherited configuration and localization, unified factory and adapter systems, lazy-loading registry, and the dependency-injection system. Next is an overview of how the dynamic dispatch cycle works in Solar, and how it compares to other framework dispatch cycles. From there we will move on to the SQL system, including the MysqlReplicated adapter, and lead into the ORM system. The ORM overview will briefly cover models, collections, records, automated filters, automated form generation, and more. After discussing the authentication layer, CLI tooling, and command-line controllers, it will wrap up with a brief discussion of Solar project architecture, and a short note on Solar's performance in relation to other popular frameworks.


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Well, I am big fan of Solar and use it often. If only there was more time to for Paul to discuss, in more detail, some of the really nice features of the framework. In that short amount of time, a lot of information was covered. Lots of good questions too.

This talk could have easily been 3 times as long and kept the audience riveted. We've been discussing many of the ideas in Solar internally so to see them all with so much more so well implemented was a bit of a shock. Definitely both a framework and speaker everyone can learn from.