[Talk in english language] Operators are extensions to Kubernetes that simplify application install and management by leveraging on manage applications Custom Resources. The Kubernetes Operator pattern tries to emulate the role of a human operator, who uses their deep knowledge of the application to install, operate and debug it. The Kubernetes Operators search to automate these tasks and facilitate the whole application life cycle. In this talk, Aurélie and Horacio will explain to you how to create a simple Kubernetes operator in Go.


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Great communicator and wonderful explanation and example of a complex topic

Very interesting talk with lots of information and live coding session!

I've never heard of the operator SDK before, so I learned something new and interesting. Well done.

Great session, great speaker and great topic! Super interesting the demo he had, and the explanation on top of every aspect of K8S operators đŸ˜‰

I already knew the name operator, after this talk I understand the concept, the capabilities, how it works and integrates in k8s, and also Horacio inspired me a number of use cases