Developing a Web Services API


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Good information on how to create a proper API and make it available to the public or internal customers.

Great presentation about a lot of options. Liked the info about SOAP - have had struggles with it seemingly always.

A truly awesome talk on web services. Focused more on strategy/planning and giving reasoning for choices. Great slides and resources.

The speaker's volume was low, making him difficult to hear. I felt mislead by the subject, I certainly didn't think I was going to get a lesson on PHP libraries.

Took away some useful tips and some good utility suggestions. The presentation was clear and well organized. I would have appreciated if the audience respected the Q&A session at the end.

I hate anonymous comments, and didn't mean to make one:

I too was mislead by the subject. I was thinking more of API's in general, based on the agenda.

Still, the material was well presented.

Is for the third time (someone might want code to prevent double clicking the comment button.)