You can have it all! Zend Framework introduced into your current code


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Good talk! Informative and he was able to work through technical issues that come with being the first speaker and still deliver good information.

Great job despite the technical issues (and no code highlighting, d'oh!). Good info on abusing Zend Framework outside of the MVC...makes me want to dip back into what it has to offer on my projects.

Technical issues definitely slowed you down, but finished strong. I think it was a great example on how to integrate ZF libraries. I feel the talk got bogged down by having too much QA after each point.

Good job communicating the process despit your technical difficulties. Might want to include in a presentation of that type a tiny amount of background for lazy loading, as there was at least one person in the audience that was unfamiliar with the concept.

May want to explain lazy loading as I was the only person who was unfamiliar with the concept. :) Otherwise very well done, fast paced, energetic, funny, interesting.