Agile: the untold story


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Anderson gave good insights about agile - even going further. It was a good talk.

A palestra seria mais interessante se fosse em português. Os engasgos do palestrante com o inglês atrapalhou em algumas partes.

Críticas à parte, admiro a ousadia do palestrante em ministrar a palestra em outro idioma para os ouvintes estrangeiros (e alguns brasileiros). Realmente não é fácil e qualquer esforço é válido para tornar a palestra o mais didático possível aos ouvintes.

Lilian at 17:55 on 8 Jun 2019


Ótima palestra :)

Perfect slides! You spoke confidentiality. I like that you used to say things that people really need to know.

Anderson Casimiro (Speaker) at 09:32 on 10 Jun 2019

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen. As seen your feedback I would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by my english skill level - My goal was (and is and always will be) to be as clear as possible and spread knowledge as easy to learn as I can.

I really liked (and it was unexpected) how all public interacted and I'm preparing some kind of webinar (In portuguese this time) to discuss further the questions and considerations you rose.

Thanks for your support and feedback :)

Erison Silva at 09:54 on 10 Jun 2019

Great talk :)

Junior Grossi at 09:56 on 10 Jun 2019

Good talk! The speaker really knew a lot about the subject. The non-native language is always a barrier but the speaker could share the necessary information in a very good way IMHO. The timing was not perfect, and in the end, he had to hurry a bit, but nothing that had harm the talk. Congrats.

Good talk, few people remember the principles behind the agile Manifesto