Dependency Injection in PHP is very known, mainly by the newest frameworks. However, the container's essence, how it works, and how it can help your project, mainly for testing, are still very "magic" for us, developers. This talk has the goal to explain in a very practice way what it is and how works a DI.


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Good, straight to the point ! But... I’ve count 1000 « For example » 😜

Very nice as the workshop!!!

Straight to the point, shows a lot of examples, pros and cons. To me, the only thing the presentation lacks is a idea how the DI container works. This would leverage a lot the technical perspective about DI.

Also, the "For example" was funny, take care of excessively exemplifying, hahaha

Nice talk!! Congrats.

Amazing talk to understand better how DI works. Clarified a lot my vision about it.

Maybe, the speaker needs to use less "for example" on his speech. Haha

Well done!

This talk was fantastic. The subject was explained so well, in a didactic way and with good examples. The speaker has used many concepts to create a solid foundation for explaining what dependency injection and DIC is, and this is incredible. The slides were so well designed and comfortable to read. The speaker speaks very well, is very eloquent and interacted a lot with the audience. My only concern was with the excessive number of 'for example' that was said during his presentation. This presentation clearly deserves a 5, but, because of the excessive number of 'for example', I will give a 4.