DevSecOps: delivering secure software at speed and scale of DevOps


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Really good, he knows a lot about devops culture. Very good.

Evandro knows a lot about his presentation topic, it was amazing. Very clear and concise.


Great talk!!

Ótimo domínio de conteúdo

Good talk. Teach us how do developers can make better code by the devops view.

Diego R Lima at 10:42 on 10 Jun 2019

Very good talk.

Jocelio Lima at 12:56 on 10 Jun 2019

High domain about the presentation subject. Claps.

This talk was excellent. ;) The speaker presented the content very clearly and interacted a lot with the audience. My suggestion is to just try to speak a little slow to be easier to understand some concepts.

IMHO: my favorite talk of the conference (not that this matters something).

Smooth English, awesome slide organization, the story told during the talk just made it awesome for such a topic.