PHPStan: Finding bugs in your code without running it


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Awesome slideshow, good points, smooth english talk. The only problem to me was the lack of examples and cases, I felt that some people left without the idea of the tool's importance.

Vinicius Dias at 18:38 on 8 Jun 2019

The tool is very important and it's nice that there was a talk about it. I just think it should have had some examples for a better understanding. If I didn't know the tool I wouldn't have understood very well its purpose.

A little on the short side, the subject had potential for a full-length talk, but super informative and w/ great insights on compiled vs. interpreted code in regards to static analysis.

Junior Grossi at 09:58 on 10 Jun 2019

Good talk. Very smooth English (congrats) and the speaker was very comfortable on stage. I'm not familiar with the PHPStan so the only point I missed a bit was some real examples using different use cases, maybe a live coding showing the tool in action.