We don't have a CI, but we can do quality!


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Interesting theme, but a tiring presentation

Amazing talk ! Very concrete too. I’m hurry to create my own CI 😁

Great content on how to create your own local assurance process. Lots of links and examples.

Junior Grossi at 09:53 on 10 Jun 2019

Very nice talk. It's not a technical one but over a management overview. It's also important to have talks like that, to understand the big picture of how tools can solve problems. Very good talk, sharing a lot of knowledge with the audience.

Nice talk with an amazing approach. Was very important for us to think in a different ways to resolve a problem and don't using trend methods/tools.

And also was important to know a lot of new tools.

Quality was a good topic

Vinicius Dias at 13:33 on 11 Jun 2019

Awesome talk! Very interesting theme and very interesting approach.

This talk was interesting, with good content and many important concepts. However, I found it a bit tiring and the speaker could have interacted a bit more with the audience.