Hack-ing Your Legacy PHP Code


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Very informative.

Excellent, informative talk.

Anonymous at 09:27 on 10 Apr 2015

Really good talk and got at some really important concepts. Thank you!

Thanks for presenting on this topic, Chris! I was wondering what the highlights of HHVM / Hack were, and you gave a great overview! Thanks :)

Great talk! I like your almost empty slides (maybe numbering would help to orient the distracted listener?)
I definitely want to see/here/read more of your thoughts!

Thank you!

Good quick run-through of quick wins when switching to HACK, with a strong emphasis on code clarity and "performant programmers".

Good talk. There were some unfortunate audio issues at the beginning, but good, anyway.

I always like listening to Chris, especially when he jumps into a rant :)

I don't know that I'll use HVVM/Hack at any time in the near future, but I did like the collection ideas.

I think the slides were a little light, but not necessarily too bad. Chris did seem to be in a bit of a hurry at times, and I usually listen to him at 1.3x normal speed :)

I really liked the way the code samples were presented, but I didn't really see the value in the new syntax. I understand that is just my opinion, but I still felt that way in the end.

Near the end of his talk Chris gave a very compelling approach to dealing with non-technical people (e.g. boss/manager) in a way to help them understand and appreciate what testing can do. That alone made it a 5 star talk.

A great insight of what hack and hhvm can be for php applications

Great talk. I was less interested in the performance part of Hack as opposed to the strictness, which I think PHP is sorely lacking.