Development with Vagrant


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Demo code to view while discussing it was helpful.

Good job. Good recovery on the technical difficulties. Good thing you had the files on github.

Anonymous at 12:13 on 22 Aug 2014

Good talk, would have helped to have line numbers during the demo code view.

Good talk, sad about the tech issues. A lot of concepts were discussed here, wish there was a bit more instruction on exactly how to do base things. Maybe it was the tech issues preventing that part.

It was great as an introduction to people not familiar with Vagrant. If technology didn't fail the demos it would have been even better.

Really great descriptions. Was hard to follow the demos, but the code being available on github was a great help! I know that I will be referencing it many times!

It was an informative talk and I liked the content about how to improve the performance of the VM's and will definitely be trying that out.

I was dissappointed about the screenshare not working and was wondering if you had an idea of where I could find good screencasts for using vagrant that would cover what you were going to show us?