Can I Work From Home Tomorrow?


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Thanks Jack for the reality check. Hearing the view of telecommuting from an Employer/Manager perspective was really useful. I can now understand some of the reasons why some managers are reluctant to go for it. I feel having this better understanding will certainly help me fuel my argument in the future.

Thanks for the managers view. That insight will make it easier for me to setup a game-plan.

Very nice reality check. It's a pretty different view from the previous speakers. I can probably use a lot of what he said to convince my boss to let me work from home.

As a manager working more from your point of view but attending this daycamp to hear the "other side", I'm really glad at least one person was here giving the "reality check" - you said all the things that I would want an employee to hear before asking me about working from home. Nice talk!

Wonderful talk, gave me a lot to consider when deciding when/if to approach my boss about telecommuting. Thank you so much for all the hints and tips!

Thanks for playing the Devil's Advocate. Things to think about before talking to your manager and asking that question.

The talk was excellent, felt very natural and I'm fairly sure the beginning was even pure of the cuff.

Great talk from a managers perspective. I liked how it picked up steam along the way, well thought out!

Really great to hear a manager's perspective. Full of practical advice on how to get a manager to say yes to letting you telecommute, and very well delivered.

Great perspective on remote work from someone who has to has to support it from the office side.

I've just recently been thinking of diving into the world of full time telecommuting. This Blunt Up front "This is how it may be" presentation was a great insight into how to bring up the subject to management.

Fabulous talk from the other side of the desk.

Thanks jack for your talk and sharing your point of view, very helpful.

I *really* liked hearing the contrarian viewpoint and how to make sure telecommuting doesn't happen. It was informative and got me thinking on a number of fronts.