Baby Steps To Ballroom Dancing: Getting On The Path To Speaking Success


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Nice tips for overcoming stage fright. Very useful stories. Loved that you laughed throughout the talk, it was like you were actually here.

Great talk, great speaker as expected. Thank you :)

Always excellent, very excitable in a good way. Very engaging.

Elizabeth is a great speaker and her smile comes across in the talk. All of the information she gave was very good, and she has a great amount of experience to draw upon.

Great speaker and presentation!

Enthusiastic talk with good advice on how to overcome your nervousness step by step.

I can't say this enough: Thank you. This was an extremely helpful talk, and funny and engaging as well. High fives to you!!! :)

A great talk, almost as good as your community cookies. I say almost, because you haven't given this one at PHPBenelux.

Keep an eye on time though

Since I've already committed to swimming in the deep end, this talk really helped me see that I need to start by walking into the kiddie pool rather than just waiting for my turn on the diving board...

Exactly what I needed to hear as I prepare for tek13.

++ Good presentation, good talk, very jovial voice/attitude!

Some points I suggest:
1) Some of your text goes behind your images (slightly)
2) In some slides you had awesome pics, but the font of your text was not matching
3) I enjoy your jovial attitude, but laughing too much at times can pause some annoyance to some people. (I'm saying that as I was present in such a situation once)

But overall NICE JOVIAL LIVELY presentation, keep it up!

I enjoyed the humor in the slides and the happy attitude - I would suggest that you do add some examples of things other than karaoke (but equally as good at getting people out of their shell) for those who just really cannot sing ;)