Secrets To Success: How To Propose A Talk And Get It Accepted


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good talk, great speaker. Well done!

Many great tips and lots of helpful ideas. Nice job with practical examples applicable to the material.

Great overview of the proposal process.

I liked her style, very friendly and not mono-toned.

Everything she talked about seemed to be excellent advice. I look forward to implementing the bullet points!

Great stuff... some good key points and things to work on.

I was impressed three slides into this talk. Laura presented a wealth of very valuable and practical information for people new to submitting to conferences as well as people who have been at this for several years. Personally, I learned a lot about how to improve my own proposals. Well presented and great job!

fabulous speaker, veteran, great tips to be accepted at a conference

Great talk. Very helpful points and ideas that I'm going to be sure to use for future talk proposals. Thank you.

Superb, very, very helpful talk. I genuinely can't wait to write my next proposal now :)

Superb, very, very helpful talk. I genuinely can't wait to write my next proposal now :)

Excellent laundry list of doing good conference abstracts, the only thing I would have liked to see added to the talk at all is perhaps a bit on how to deal with rejection - not just why you got rejected.

Thanks for the excellent information!

Excellent content, very accurate and very true to my limited experiences

Anonymous at 10:06 on 22 Mar 2013

Content seemed good, but had some difficulty understanding. At times it was too fast and every so often your volume of your voice would go down. I believe these issues may be more specific to virtual conference and may not be as much of an issue in person.

What a fantastic talk!

Great depth and practical examples. It is good to know why a perfectly good proposal goes unaccepted.

Great talk that is very to the point. Takes the confusion out of how to get started.

Great talk, solid examples.

I've given a lot of talks, but I still managed to learn a *ton* from Laura during this talk. Great talk with lots of helpful tips. And as always, her delivery was flawless.

Great presentation!

Really hoping the tips I picked up here help me to get accepted at more conferences! Great talk, useful tips, well presented.

I've been trying to give constructive feedback but I really can't think of anything to improve. Well done

I also wanted to mention that I appreciate having the slides as a PDF that I could scroll back and forth in, but that she was able to "auto progress" for me. Really helped when I missed a point on a previous slide.

A bit basic, but thorough overview.

Effective and efficient talk! Good job!

Anonymous at 10:26 on 22 Mar 2013

Over all a good talk. Sometimes speaking a bit too fast. Could have bee a bit more indepth.

I sometimes had a bit of trouble with the fast pace but the energy coming from the talk and its contents were super. I really enjoyed the style.

I did notice a reasonable large amount of text on the slides, I think it would have helped me to focus on your voice if there was less to read.

A bit too fast maybe but still very clear. The content was awesome!

As someone looking to talk at conferences and being all new to this, this was really rewarding information, so thank you :)

Very clear. Excellent info on criteria for talk acceptance (didn't know some of those points). Overall presentation was great, but was a bit difficult to understand from time to time (speaking was fast and voip dropped some fragments of words which made it choppy).