Worst Case Scenario


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Excellent tips for what to do when the worst does happen.

Great advice to prepare for the worse, even though I'm not really agreeing with Keith he's brining a powerful message.

Speakerphone or mobile sound quality was pretty bad for this type of thing, very muffled. Content was awesome, with relevant examples. Entertaining as always, and well thought out.

A great talk on handling some of the challenges that come up when presenting at a conference.

Audio quality of phone connection was not great but the content was excellent.

Very excellent coverage of things to watch out for, especially on handling trolls. Trolls: a more common problem than it really should be, sadly.

Very nice talk with insights into being well prepared.

A little muffled but content was great. Good points!

Some points in the beginning were a bit redundant (bad luck with being in the last spot). Thinking about the audience should really be at the start of everything, so it felt odd having that mentioned in the last talk.

Completely disagree on the slide advice. Don't use templates - I don't need your name on every slide.

Sound wasn't too great due to the phone connection - made it hard to concentrate (extra hard since this was the fourth talk in a row).

Some good tips on typical mistakes (e.g. prepare your laptop) and things that can go wrong ("have a plan B"). Loved the story about the powerout at the conference hotel.

Even on his alleged deathbed Keith was able to deliver useful information and tips for successfully handling problems that can and will happen while presenting. I picked up several things I need to work on. Well worth attending.

I appreciated Keith's experience, and he is very confident in his speaking. The first half was a bit redundant with other presenters, but that's not entirely his fault. However, the second half seemed to drag a bit with long anecdotes and abundant reinforcing of some ideas. They were all good points though.

Good job...I appreciated the practical advice!

Great use talk with good use of personal examples.

I really liked this talk. Good advice and funny stories to share. Unfortunately it got a bit hard to hear at times due to it being "muffled", listening from laptop speakers, this got even worse.

THAT said; When someone said you were in a monkey suit, I completely got over the muffled sound.

Kudos to you for doing it even tho you were halfly dying. Thanks for an awesome talk.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

My apologies on the audio. If I'd known I was coming across muffled, I would have moved my mic or switched to another method entirely.

Anyway, if anyone has feedback on what I could/should do better, please feel free to drop me a note. :)

I had to miss this the day of (stupid meetings) but finally got back to finish listening.

I do agree with the gripes about the generally muffled quality of the sound, but I never expect an excellent experience with online stuff (as you said, technical stuff is not always fixable)

I also feel that the first section about being prepared could probably have been skipped, simply because other speakers had covered it well.

I did enjoy the the section on technical mitigation (having been on the receiving end of some of these issues myself)

Some feedback on what I didn't see and would have liked to:

I would have liked to have gotten a few tips about managing the audience. Trolls were mentioned, and there was a story about mismatched audience exceptions, but some general guidelines about how to find out what audience expectations might be helpful ... should you always have a simpler version of a hard talk? Is there something you can do to make sure the audience truly understands what they're going to hear about (even if they didn't bother to read the abstract) How do you deal with the guy taking apart his laptop in a polite manner, or the a room with nothing but a bunch of people staring at their laptops?

Thanks a lot for a great talk!