Characterization Testing for Legacy Applications


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Awesome talk

really good overview of Codeception with some introductory code to get started using these tests.

Perfect talk that has made me want to dive into codeception to do battle with all of my projects that lack tests.
Thank you :)

Paul, this was a very insightful talk, answering many of my questions on legacy code-bases. This has been immensely helpful!

Anonymous at 12:23 on 18 Sep 2015

Paul is a very useful engine.

PMJ did it again: awesome talk, brilliant presented and good timing. You sir, are the master of presentations

Great talk and tips, thanks!!!

Wish I could say I understood everything in this talk - but it definitely gave me a good overview - and desire to dig more into codeception and phantomjs.

Anonymous at 12:42 on 18 Sep 2015