Debugging: Past, Present and Future


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Anonymous at 11:09 on 18 Sep 2015

Hey man your slides are down

Thanks for the presentation on xDebug, Derick!

Dont we have to do all this craziness because Eclipse has a ready plugin for Xdebug so might as well just use that.

Great talk and well presented.

Always brave to do a live demo, but it's great that you used xdebug to debug the demo :D

Last heard you talk about xdebug at PHPNW12. Glad to hear that you're still actively developing it.

Awesome introduction to much anticipated debugging features and even bonus on learning new PHPStorm features (like breakpoints on exceptions).

You are and will always be a very bright mind. Thank you to share a bit of that wisdom.

brilliant! even learned something beyond the scope of the presentation (breakpoints triggered by exceptions in phpstorm)

wonderfully techie always good info. Definitely worth checking the slides out!

Always good info in your talks! This time no exception. Thanks for all your work on xDebug, could not do my job as well without it.