2FA: The Rise of Two-Factor Auth


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Anonymous at 09:45 on 18 Oct 2013

Lots of good information but I don't really have a sense for how I can do this in my own app.

Nice talk, really in-depth tour of all kinds of 2FA solutions and the tradeoffs involved.

I would have liked to have learned how I could implement 2FA on my own, without the use of third party services. But all around very informative.

Great overview of 2FA solutions out there with examples and the differences between them.

Great talk about 2FA as it demystified some of the miss assumptions. Thanks for sharing…

Good info. You know that you say "you know"almost every sentence?

Very informative and well-spoken. I think it would have been nice to walk through a bit of a more in-depth example of a single TFA authentication integration.

i kind of like that you have packagist libraries for the methods, maybe some more insight into how practically set them up on symfony2 app or other would have been great. Like a working demo on github.

Really interesting. Something worth investigating further.

A really good and interesting introduction to 2-Factor Auth systems. I like that pretty much every major type of 2FA was covered to at least some degree. Perhaps a little more focus on practical implementation could be useful, but in all it was very interesting already.

Anonymous at 10:10 on 18 Oct 2013

Anonymous at 10:16 on 18 Oct 2013

Anonymous at 11:21 on 18 Oct 2013

Great presenter, minimal slides. Kept my focus throughout.

Anonymous at 11:34 on 18 Oct 2013

A lot of discussion about some pretty specialized and old school hardware solutions.