Unit testing PHP apps with PHPUnit


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Great introduction to PHPUnit. With good and bad examples. Very instructive.

NIce to review the bacis tests.

I really enjoyed the analogies and personal antidotes regarding unit testing and all of the tools and resources brought up surrounding the practice. Always good to get another angle/perspective from a fellow developer :)

Great talk, happy to see the mentions of OWASP too :)

Good talk! I did feel the deviation to the input filters was maybe somewhat off-topic, but, not annoyingly so. Maybe the talk was slightly fast paced too but I guess its meant as an introduction to unit testing so it merits the brief touches on the different elements Unit Testing provides. As said, good talk! Really enjoyed it.

Good talk. I liked the method of showing how to test everything, then showing the way Mock could make it a lot easier.

Good information on how to test with PHPUnit with some good insights on why to do certain things like mocks.

Nice to little Bobby Tables get a mention too

Great overview of unit testing and some common pitfalls and how to work around them. I loved the inclusion of OWASP. Some parts felt a little rushed, but it was a great presentation overall.

Well done. I appreciated the inclusion of the OWASP Top 10 as a source of things to test.

Great talk! Michelangelo provided a great overview of testing methods and best practices.

Practical introduction to unit testing. Good font size; I could see everything with my one good eye.

Nicely covered content, could have been a bit longer to include more. (Talk came in under time.) What was covered was very informational and helped get me over a couple of difficult hurdles.

Don't mean to be the spoil-sport, but this talk felt rushed. There were folks in my group who had not done unit testing before, and whereas talks 2 and 3 provided introductions to PHPUnit, this one assumed significant knowledge of it—even though introducing PHPUnit was the only subject of this talk.

I haven't done unit testing before and was lost pretty quickly. There were a few times where I thought you were going to explain specific PHPUnit methods but you moved on, stating that we all probably already knew all about it. I only wish that were the case! However, after the other sessions of the day, I have a feeling that your examples will provide the depth that will perfectly compliment the overviews and examples that the other speakers offered. Thank you for your contribution!

Anonymous at 09:09 on 14 Jan 2014

Code was pretty readable but the presentation style was kind of low energy. Not something that's extremely engaging at 7 am.