Actively Managing Your Career


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thanks Brian. some good ideas to think about.

Great talk. That gave me a lot to think about and will have an impact on my career. Thanks

started out nice, but it dragged a bit at the near end for my tastes. Also some of the characteristics mentioned like "has to be passionate", "has to be .." sounded a bit pushy, even though he did add that that was just his opinion for his team.

Another great talk. He gave a few interesting idea about managing the career. I especially like the idea of keeping a spreadsheet of everything we did in the last week.

Thanks Brian. A lot of food for thought. Very interesting.

Good presentation and lots of great ideas. I started a spreadsheet for keeping my CV up to date during the talk.

Have to agree with esnoeijs there - or maybe it's just that it was a tad weaker than all the other great talks today. Still some great pull quotes in there to get you thinking.

well expressed perspective

Great Session! I learned a lot!

For me, some fresh ideas. Nice!

So many things rang true. It's definitely time to stop taking a back seat on my career path.

Excellent talk. I realise I wasn't really actively managing my career - something I will try to correct hence forth.