Rocking Your Resume


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Thank you for that really enlightening talk!

Thanks, Scott, for being so direct and honest. Recruiters are across the board when it comes to integrity and hearing the straight dirt is valuable. So is hearing what you're looking for. That makes it easier for us to write winning resumes!

Probably a bit too US-centric in the details but lots of great info overall.

Nice insider perspective on head hunting. I wish my head hunter was more like him.

Thanks Scott, I found you talk really interesting. I guess more relevant to the US but still good information to consider.

surprised me with some things, found I need to change my perspective

Thanks everyone!!

I would love to see some examples of resumes that rock

Great presentation. I know I am not alone when I go edit my resume and LinkedIn profile later.

great presentation, even though it was a bit USA centric i loved the look into recruiters, the talk also was very entertaining because of the listener questions and such.

Great talk, Thank you. I too would like to see some rockin examples!

Awesome session! Can't wait to get the recording so that I can review what was said. Handouts would have been great had they been possible.

It was great to get the inside-track from a recruiter!

Thanks Scott for that perspective from a head hunter - learnt a few tricks on structuring my CV and what to include.

Excellent, no-nonsense talk about the reality of hiring technical people. Great examples of what to use and what NOT to use in your resume. Eye-opening look into the world of high-volume resume processing.