So You Want to be an Architect


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Excellent talk.
Josh's talk just confirmed that my ambition is called 'being an architect', and provided good things to take into account when being one.
Also the discussions and suggestions in the IRC channel contributed a lot to this talk.

Great clarification. And great encouragement to be a well rounded architect. I definitely grew because of this talk.

like how he can relate his concepts to other real life examples

Great session, very informative. A lot involved into becoming an architect.

Inspiring talk. I just think it was a little too long to get to the points. Story telling is good, but I think this was a little too much.

I think the presentation was a bit verbose but the points made more than make up for it. Thanks, Josh!

Awesome talk, I found it to be extremely helpful.

Wow! Really knowledgeable Josh. Well done.

With history lessons thrown in - from Marco Polo to Apollo 13. And they all served a point. Too bad about the poor sound quality.

Thanks for the great talk. Sometimes it was difficult to follow due to the lousy sound though.

Thanks Josh - a real eye-opener. Learnt a lot from this, and will take sometime to absorb all this.


Your talk is so completely packed with information, it's unbelievable.

The only suggestion I could possibly give you, is not to be last in line! I don't think I will actually be able to retain even half of what you said. I look forward to the recordings!

Excellent talk by a seasoned speaker. So many great quotes. Does an amazing job of covering the history, theory and pragmatic steps of being a software architect. I will be referencing this talk again, and can't wait to get a recording of it to re-watch and take in some things I missed. There is so much info here, it's hard to digest in the first listen.

EVERY career developer should hear this talk, if only to give you an idea of what this role does and one option for your career path.

That was informative and well put together. Good show