Designing your RESTful API with RAML


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great talk with lots of info. only wish it could have been longer! :)

Well organized and thorough talk. Thank you very much for sharing. I do feel it started a little slow, but I was also being distracted for the first 10m or so, so it may have been moreso a problem on my end. :)

Anonymous at 14:09 on 7 Nov 2014

Very informative and easy to follow, RAML looks very interesting, will check it out.

Mike, thanks for a very detailed look at and the benefits it brings to API development, loved the content. I will certainly give RAML a go when developing my APIs, really loving the playground feature.

I know there was a time-constraint, but I might suggest slowing down speech-speed just a little bit, to allow us to better retain the content. :)

Great info. I knew nothing about RAML before this talk, but will definitely be giving it a try when it comes time to develop my next API. Really liked seeing the concrete examples with the Mulesoft API designer.

Anonymous at 14:13 on 7 Nov 2014

RAML looks awesome. Thanks for all the tips.

The talk was organized and very well presented. It was all just easy enough to understand and to get one interested in RAML.
RAML itself looks pretty cool already and the introduction and the live demo only stressed more on that fact.

Too much of a newbie to comment on the content. A lot of it was over my head.

Having said that, purely for presentation critique, when the speaker is mirroring slide text exactly you have too much text on your slides.

You might have been speaking quickly because of the amount of material you covered, but I did have trouble understanding you and it sometimes sounded like you were mumbling.

Definitely want to play with RAML now, so it couldn't have been too bad.

Interesting topic very well presented, but sometimes talking speed was just a little too fast.

I appreciated nuggets such as the concept of the API as a contract with the consuming developers, the perils of maintaining multiple versions, and the admonition against being fancy and building more than is necessary.

It was hard to understand whether or not you were recommending a RESTful architecture. You seemed to caution against using it merely because it's the trend but then extol the virtues of RAML.

The talk ended up feeling a bit rushed toward the end, and it was hard to appreciate the power of tools being demonstrated.

Thanks for sharing about RAML. I'd seen a presentation on it before, but we've been using Swagger.

I appreciated your insights on versioning as well.

Thank you all for the great feedback, really appreciate it!

@Riley, I have to apologize for the ambiguity during the talk. I am a HUGE fan of REST, and would highly recommend that if you are building an API that you follow its constraints. However, I think it's important when choosing any type of API to understand what that means, what the constraints are, and what the benefits/ cons of the API might be. I think this becomes crucial when designing your API and facing questions regarding constraints and whether or not to adhere to them (also why it's so important to understand your users needs and what they expect).

But thank you all again for attending, and for the great feedback! And sorry about the talking speed! Will continue to work on that :)

Mike: Thanks for making this DC4D possible and for the insight into RAML, have it at the top of my "Sunday Tinkering" list