Scaling API Design


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The concept of thinking big no matter what, was the thing that really stood out for me. And it's always cool to get some insights from a person, who has dealt with such gigantic projects.

Good overview on real-world implications, consequences, and pitfalls of running APIs. I appreciated the insight into how Paypal deals with these issues, and what some solutions may look like.

Some of the content didn't seem to be vital to the overall message of the presentation, but overall I found the information interesting.

I really enjoyed Jason's presentation. His examples are immediately interesting and relevant to many of my current projects and concerns.

I enjoyed hearing about API design from the perspective of someone who has to deal with huge scale. As someone who has used the older incarnations of PayPal's API's I sympathize with having to support those APIs in perpetuity because you don't want to break things that work and are making people money. All the more reason to put a lot of thought into an API before you start building it. I don't have any real criticism to offer, it was a good presentation.

A little too abstract, especially at the beginning. It would be helpful to have examples to demonstrate the difference between the capabilities versus functional areas.