The Future of APIs


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Good presentation discussing the reasons why you should implement an API TODAY!

good presentation and information; bad slide format in pdf as they didn't fit the screen well and led to scrolling

Good presentation. Spoke at a comfortable speed. The slides didn't fit the screen so the presenter needed to scroll up and down to go through.

Anonymous at 12:42 on 7 Nov 2014

Good presentation... I didn't find it as interesting as none of it was really that new as I live in the API world and am already sold on APIs.

A good reminder of why APIs are important, but maybe a little redundant for this audience. But, it did give me a bit more motivation to try to write my next app with an API-first mindset.

Well presented, but didn't really seem appropriate for a conference aimed at developers interested in building APIs. I would assume (yeah, I know) that most of the developers attending this DC4D already know what an API is, want to build one or already have, and want to learn how to make better APIs.

The talk was informative and well presented, but to me it felt like it was more suited for non-developers.

Great job, especially like the historical comparison to the Industrial Revolution

Great talk! Likewise I loved the comparison to the Industrial Revolution and also seeing how APIs are impacting enterprises/ governments.

This talk belabored the points that (1) APIs are important and will become more so and (2) mobile is huge and will be ubiquitous. I don't think that this crowd needed much convincing on either point.