Why Developers Hate Your API


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Awesome presentation, essentially highlighting the dos and don'ts of managing an API. Condensed, this should be your checklist to releasing and running an API.

Speed of presentation and speech made it very easy to absorb. All aspects were presented very clearly and to the point, easy to understand. Well done!

Very good presentation. Lots of examples that made it easy to understand the topics. Very good concerning the break down of the topic. Easy to follow along.

Great presentation, really hit all the key points to building a successful API. Especially appreciated the emphasis on "TTFHW" (time to first hello world) — this is where I've seen most API's fall over: lack of examples, lack of documentation, and other friction to getting started.

Can't really think of anything you missed in this talk, great job.

Great talk. Lots of interesting points.

Lots of great information. Thank you for all the examples. Would love to package this up and send it to a few developers as a not-so-subtle hint.

Great talk, both the content and John were excellently presented. I'll be keeping these slides at hand when they are released!

Enjoyed the talk. A lot of good points on how to make consumers of your APIs happy. Touched on many of my pet peeves. Something I didn't notice in this talk that we discussed a little on IRC was -- if you're going to have throttling limits on your API, include something like "retry_in:120" in the api responses to make it easier for your api consumers to write code that can recover from hitting API limits. Another thing I'd mention -- if you have a developer sandbox/playground where devs can paste their api key and other auth tokens, please save that stuff in a session var and repopulate the forms for your sandbox users so we don't have to re-copy-paste that stuff on every page refresh! That used to really irritate me with AmazonMWS.

This presentation give API designer/developer/architect/manager straight forward solutions to common pitfalls which are really easy to implement and will make the consuming developers love your API.

Really awesome presentation. Really enjoyed it and learn few things, no doubt it will have an impact on our API design and management decisions.

I work in an environment where team within the org or even the products from same team are always communicating via API. This presentation has highlighted area where we need to improve. So thank you John.

On the other parts we lead on things like monitoring of our API status on screen live in the office so we know how things are going even before people find out about an issue.

The presentation was at a speed that it was very easy to follow. Thank you Cal for organizing this event.

This may be the first DC4D talk that I watched in real time and will rewatch later to make sure I interalize everything.

Well done, sir, well done.

Tip after tip it was a great presentation highlighting things we often neglect, but are super important. and how to fix them.

I especially liked how each problem was followed by a number of fixes and real world examples.

Great talk and great slides. Slides could be used as a checklist.

I was disconnected in the middle of the presentation but the presentation had an abundance of great information and was presented very well!

Thanks for putting this together, great info, well presented

Another great talk by John! Loved the examples that he provided on how to make your API easier for developers to use.

Well organized. Great examples. Good flow.

Awesome talk.