Creating a Blogging Schedule Using The 20/30 Rule


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Meggan Lanahan at 15:45 on 6 Mar 2016

Jarrett capitalized on what I was already thinking and made the habit of blogging seem so much more simpler than I made it out to be! Yay!

Crazy, but doable, as he explained. His arguments for making the time to write and the reasons why (and how) we should were well made. When broken down the way he showed us, there is little reason not to attempt the 20/30 rule. Very engaging and very resourceful speaker.

Tammy Finch at 08:28 on 9 Mar 2016

I'm really glad I stayed for this talk. He's a very good presenter who had good information and shared it with us. All questions were answered easily. I saw him present earlier and changed my last session so I could see his talk on blogging. So glad I did. He had great handouts, which not many had.