For our November/December meetup we're going to visit the brand-new Vaimo offices ( at C-mine, Genk. Vaimo will prepare a special event for us with food & drinks, but also some fun extra's!

Thursday 5th December 2019

20:00 A Tale About Time
Talk by Hannes van de Vreken (47 minutes)

Timezones, DST, human readable diffs, standardised formats, intervals, getting the last Tuesday of next month… Dealing with timestamps seems easy, but there’s a lot to it. It’s very easy to do it wrong. Learn how to do this properly and you’ll never be tracing weird time related bugs anymore!

21:15 My app is secure... I think
Talk by Wim Godden (1 hour)

With more and more sites falling victim to data theft, you've probably read the list of things (not) to do to write secure code. But what else should you do to make sure your code and the rest of your web stack is secure ? In this tutorial we'll go through the basic and more advanced techniques of securing your web and database servers, securing your backend PHP code and your frontend javascript code. We'll also look at how you can build code that detects and blocks intrusion attempts and a bunch of other tips and tricks to make sure your customer data stays secure.