Now that the basics was covered by OWASP, XlogicX will take you into a world of advance features such as how exactly Rasomware is built and more advance attacks techniques malicious hackers use and how to prevent them. Plus, many surprise announcements! If you are unable to go to DEFCON 25 this year, you don’t want to miss this!

Bio: XlogicX hacks at anything low level. He's unmasked sanitized IP addresses in packets (because checksums) and crafts his own pcaps with just xxd. He feeds complete garbage to forensic tools, AV products, decompression software, and intrusion detection systems. He made evil strings more evil (with automation) to exploit high consumption regular expressions. Lately he has been declaring war on assembly language (calling it too high-level) and doing all kinds of ignorant things with machine code. More information can be found on


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