All day on June 16th, we as a group are entering the Google CTF 2017 qualifier under the DEFCON 201 banner! We will be competing with many other groups, including other DEFCON groups around the globe to qualify for the Google CTF 2017 finals. The finals will have our select members being flown over to California to Google's HQ to compete and we can earn cash prizes in competing and the write up including up to $31,337!

Best part? We will be doing this CTF during our meet up AND for those who cant make it you can play with our remotely from where ever in New Jersey you are from!

We will be using both our IRC Channel at Freenode (#DEFCON201) and our Riot to communicate. To ask for the register link, hang around our IRC or message us at info [at[ defcon201 [dot] org!

More information about the CTF at:


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