Quality... french style


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Anonymous at 22:30 on 21 Jun 2013

sales speech

The idea behind SensioLabs Insight is great, PHP tools for code static analysis are not very user-friendly and also has some specific rules for Symfony2, which is nice. That said, the talk should be more about quality (tools, best practices...) and a bit less about a specific product, but overall I liked it.

I saw this at sflive portland, i agree with not being product specific.

A sales talk only justifiable because SensioLabs Insight looks awesome!

Loved the war stories from the good old Perl times and the comments about the nonsense feedback that some code analysis tools give us.

Can´t wait to test SensioLabs Insight!

Very interesting concepts on what "quality" actually is and on which problems we should actually focus quality wise.

Not a 5 because since this is not a "Sensio" event, instead it's a "pure community event" I think while it's OK to introduce the Insight product, I think is not the right place.