Today’s data centers aren’t the same anymore. We are constantly moving from one set of technologies to the other. We often find it hard to connect newly deployed applications to rest of our infrastructure. See how to use Consul to help connect applications across your infrastructure. Consul is an open source tool for service discovery, monitoring, and globally distributed key-value store. In this talk we will cover how Consul can help bridge the gap between various types of applications that might exist in a datacenter at any given time. As we move towards micro service oriented architectures we find ourselves using cluster schedulers like Kubernetes and Nomad. We will discuss how Consul’s service discovery features help connect applications running in such environments. We will also explore how we can connect applications that are running in traditional environments to ones running in these cluster schedulers using Consul’s API and built in DNS support. We will do a live demo of connecting two applications running in separate environments using Consul and showcase important features of Consul.


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