We do love technology, don’t we? Great infrastructure and tooling take cloud adoption and mobile app development to new heights. By deeply integrating DevOps paradigms into everything, technology makes it easier than ever to build, deploy, and manage software across clouds and on-premises.

The promises of DevOps are not fulfilled by technology alone. Its adoption can only be successful if organizations nail all three aspects of DevOps: People, Process, and Technology.

Over the course of 5 years my team has been involved in 100s of customer and partner engagements, working hands-on with entities of all sizes from small startups to large enterprises. We worked on ways to improve the flow of value in their software lifecycle, helping them to become better and faster sooner through DevOps practices. We have learned at least as much as we taught.

This session takes deeper look at the intersection of technology and people in a DevOps world and summarizes our diverse hands-on experiences with the cultural and social aspects of a DevOps adoption.


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Mike at 08:53 on 16 Apr 2018

It's a very important topic to me. Great talk.

Ricard Clau at 09:34 on 16 Apr 2018

A talk to share many times with your managers. We need more talks like this!