Nowadays, startups, medium-sized companies and even big companies try to follow DevOps path. For startups and medium-sized companies, this transformation is relatively easy by comparison with well-established company. Turkcell is the leading TELCO in Turkey who has begun to work agile, so DevOps insight was inevitable. In our speak, we will try to put across our feelings to the audience by telling about 7 steps which we experienced.

1) How did the need reveal? We will try to explain the factors which forced us to think about DevOps.

2) How we decided how we start? We could choose all out transformation, but we chose two applications as pilots, since it was hard to reserve resources for applying DevOps while we must continue to production.

3) What factors did we think while we were choosing applications as pilots? We chose a service-based application and a front face application to experience differently.

4) What happened in process of building Devops pipeline? We examined what we do. How do we handle test and deployment issues within Waterfall methodology ? We used DevOps method to solve bottlenecks of deployment and testing.

5) Test Automation? We use UFT and Selenium as Test Automation tools. We focused especially front-end testing and we integrated 6 front-end application for test automation.

6) Challenges? Slowness of decision making for the big enterprises was a huge challenge. Also, since we were working in MARKETING SOLUTIONS domain, there was huge demand for business needs, we had to carry out both regular developments and DevOps initiatives with same amount of resources.

7) How much effort we spent? What were our KPIs? What are we planning to do in future, how we use lessons learned in this journey?


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