Creating a software development Value Stream Map is an exercise to identify delays caused by people, processes and tools. We have been running DevOps focused "hackfests" with customers. Prior to each event we meet to create a Value Stream Map of the software development processes.

In addition to improving understanding of the existing state the exercise enables opportunities for improvement to be identified. Given the fact engagements only last for a few days they have been vital in pinpointing which DevOps practices we should focus our effort.

The Value Stream Mapping process has not just been useful for the hackfest but has proved to be an extremely valuable process for all involved.

The value stream mapping exercise wasn't just useful in terms of laying out the technologies and processes. It was also a bit of a trust and familiarisation exercise for the teams and individuals. We found it extremely valuable.

Isolating and realising how much ‘waste’ there was really interesting to me. I knew there was quite a lot but identifying exactly where and how much there was essentially gave us a green light to carry our further work to improve our build system.

During the session I will describe Value Stream Mapping and the process we carry out. I will then present a number of real world case studies and discuss some of the more interesting areas of waste that we have been able to identify.


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Pau Trepat at 10:19 on 20 Apr 2018

I love it. It's useful to me know techniques to improve team's dynamics