When recruiting and onboarding new grads and others who haven't worked in site reliability, how do we build (and become) the engineers we want to work with? While seasoned engineers debug, fix issues in production, engage with clients, automate mundane tasks, and build new tools to streamline their workflows, in school new grads are mostly only taught how to build things from scratch - not support, maintain, and protect them.

In this talk, I'll share my experience and describe how Facebook has made me bring ideas and people together, not only to realize my potential, but also to make a difference at the company.

New grads have to be able to “drink from the firehose” of new information, learn by doing, and make connections throughout the company. On top of that, there's also the Production Engineering role and philosophy which has learned to embrace and grow people who haven't done exactly this type of work before. At Facebook, the goal is to have impact, while doing the things we enjoy. Connecting those two dots is the key.


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Fran Iglesias at 22:01 on 14 Apr 2018

Very nice talk, with great ideas and insights to apply when defining any role in a company or team and introducing new people.