Containers are the next model of compute, after VMs and bare metal. And you all know containers are here to stay. They're the leaner, faster and more portable alternative, and one day every app will run in a container. Containers will be ubiquitous because of the wide range of problems they solve, and the huge ecosystem that's making the solutions.

The core concepts in container platforms are all open - the image and runtime specifications, the registry, the engines and the orchestrators. The promise of portability makes containers a safe choice for the next generation of software delivery. Companies are making that choice and investing in containers for everything from legacy apps to new cloud-native projects.

In this session I'll demonstrate two of the main uses cases for containers - moving existing apps to the cloud, and building apps in lean, modern technology stacks. I'll take an existing ASP.NET 3.5 WebForms app from a Windows Server 2003 VM, migrate it to Docker with no code changes, and then run it in Azure. Then I'll deploy a brand-new .NET Core Web API running on Nano Server in a container alongside the WebForms app.


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Pau Trepat at 10:24 on 20 Apr 2018

Too fast. Fast speech. Topic OK