DevOps is growing in popularity in last years, particularly in (software) companies that want to reduce its lead time (time to business value from idea to production) measured in days/weeks instead of months/years?

If you want your software to do the right things and do these things right, you need to test it implacably.

The big problem is that companies see (and it is) the testing phase as the bottleneck of the process slowing down product release. To change that, we need a new way of testing our applications, making the release of an application a testing process as well, and involve QA since the beginning within the team. QAs are not a separate team anymore (DevTestOps).

What is the role of QAs in this new approach? How is the testing pyramid affected? How you can fail on trying to speed up release frequency?

In this session, we will not only describe but also actively demonstrate several techniques that you can use immediately following the session for testing applications like unicorns.


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So great!

Good & well structured, very fluent, thanks

Buitaker at 18:45 on 6 Jun 2019

As usual, brilliant!

Miguel A. at 19:22 on 6 Jun 2019

Very good.

Jaume at 12:40 on 7 Jun 2019

It has given us a lot ideas on how to test in production besides feature flags. Very useful.