Transitioning a monolith to distributed microservices in the cloud is an excruciating process.

A stateless API Gateway can help you preserve your existing API contract while developers chop the monolith in different microservices, and publish the new specification transparently.

KrakenD API Gateway is a well-tested open source software with no external dependencies or moving pieces. A cluster will facilitate a journey to cloud and microservices without any supporting databases or single points of failure.

The API Gateway integration with Prometheus, Jaeger, Zipkin and other logging, metrics, and tracing systems will keep the system behavior observable at all times.

During this presentation, we are going to discover the architecture behind this design, how to create the endpoints in a declarative way (no coding), and HORROR STORIES!


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Buitaker at 14:03 on 4 Jun 2019

Control the time and details!

After a completely useless and longer than necessary intro, the talk eventually came up to be highly interesting (though it helps be staying beside some other unfortunate sessions). Specifically, the plain, detailed explanation of how to implement API Gateways is worth hearing.

Beyond this, the talk was great. Congratulations.

Pau Trepat at 09:52 on 6 Jun 2019

Excellent talk and mandatory to understand how to reduce risk on code migration. Time management must be improved.

Albert Lombarte (Speaker) at 11:27 on 6 Jun 2019

Thank you, everyone, for your honest feedback and assisting to my talk.

It was my first public presentation, and I take your feedback seriously. Next one will go directly to the point. If you have more questions and you couldn't find me at the venue, you can post your questions on our Slack #krakend channel -->