Elevator Pitch

With an investment 4.1bn in boot technology, I want to tell you about the awesome innovations Nationwide Building Society UK have made and challenges we have overcome as a financial services institution, applying DevOps the right way, building a cloud platform. But wait! Let’s make it raw, I’ll tell you about the pain, the politics, huge consumers of K8s & ChatOps pus find out how we made a trading card game for the office the ended up driving some phenomenal behaviours! Why do almost all of our platform engineers write code.

Longer Pitch

Nationwide Building Society UK has invested 4.1bn in the future of technology for the society, cloud is a sensitive word when you’re a financial services organisation, it’s even more delicate when you’re regulated by the Financial Services Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

I would love to tell you the story of how one of the most risk adverse fs institutions navigated cloud adoption, the technologies we have used and how, including kubernetes. Everyone has a heard of the Spotify model, if one thing is clear, you shouldn’t adopt it, let me tell you about how we took agile to the next level, what was right for us at our scale, maturity.

How does a trading card game have anything to do with agile or operating a cloud platform at scale, I don’t want to give everything away just yet but you should listen to the talk and think about giving it a shot your self.

ChatOps has been a huge technology enabler for us, I’l talk you through some of the stuff we’ve built into our bot such as automatic postmtportems and diary management, dashboards at a glance, how we automated our ingress kill mechanism and used the Shamir algorithm to distribute the key.

How do we organise our squads, demand flow, ensure we’re delivery, why scum didn’t work for us and why kanban make much more sense. How we built, chat-op’ed the hell out of the on-call rota using twilio and slack! Demo!!! Observability, nice as a concept but how did we drive adoption when we’re a platform, DevOps Dojos! Why do we encourage our engineers to take a couple of days out a month to teach!

We have a lot to cover but I’m sure you will find this insightful and interesting, fs orgs usually move like frozen snails and we’re dancing like matrix neo on a red pill.

ChatOps demo’s included, they are pretty quick which makes them excellent demos and seeds of inspiration.


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The speaker talks very fast and it was quite hard to follow at some moments, which was awful because the talk was that interesting. Actually I am not sure she was speaking International English (the one the audience is more used to), or British English. Likely this is my bad though.

At the end, I was unsure whether the talk was explaining organisational issues and changes, or her experiences as the CTO of the company she is working at currently.

The slides were quite boring (too much text, in a small font size, and with no emphasis at all), except for the part with the pictures of the Scrum boards of the teams, which caught my attention very deeply.

Jaume at 10:07 on 6 Jun 2019

Hard to understand some times, but I blame myself for this. The speaker gave an impression of know what she was talking about and all the management advises made a lot of sense to me.

Santi Muñoz at 11:17 on 6 Jun 2019

Super interesting experience from a person who faced the problem of scaling and organizing a team. The slides could have seemed very plain, but the important was the message and that was clean and clear.

Javi at 11:32 on 6 Jun 2019

Excellent talk but hard to follow