Kubernetes has become the standard tool to deploy applications both in Cloud and on premise datacenters.

This has been possible thanks to its powerful API and its model that allows us to describe the lifecycle of an application.

In this talk we are going to explain how Kubernetes works internally, showing what Kubernetes controllers are and how they work. Once we understand that, we will learn how we can extend the features that Kubernetes already offers to tailor it to our needs, and how big companies are investing on projects and tools that are based on this mechanism.


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Buitaker at 18:17 on 4 Jun 2019

Great talk for k8s newbies!
Got what operators are, and what is under the hood! :)

Jerry Smith at 09:38 on 6 Jun 2019

Gentle introduction with a clear example. Well presented by the speaker. Slides were good too.

Pau Trepat at 09:55 on 6 Jun 2019

Nothing bad to say. Just awesome

Luigi Corsello at 10:13 on 6 Jun 2019

Very good presentation, Kubernetes from scratch to Controllers, Operator patterns, basic service mesh: with code included. Probably the best talk of the event.

Santi Muñoz at 11:09 on 6 Jun 2019

Very interesting talk for people who haven't work with kubernetes before, from a very original point of view. One of the best from the event.

Javi at 14:45 on 6 Jun 2019

Great introduction to k8s, clear examples and excellent speaker. Congratulations

Luis Tacón at 15:09 on 6 Jun 2019

Great talk. A perfect introduction to k8s

Miguel A. at 19:37 on 6 Jun 2019

Good presentation. It's possible don't need to introduce the k8's.

Fran at 12:08 on 9 Jun 2019

Good talk, really useful in our site.