DevOps and Agile are great at speeding up development and providing quick results, however most organisations struggle to transition and adapt their team and leadership structures, which is made of FAIL.

In this talk I'll go through some of the experiences I had and interesting ways to solve it while keeping it light so you don't have to run for coffee.


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Buitaker at 09:52 on 4 Jun 2019

I love the Manager commandaments part

Rubén Vazquez at 14:31 on 4 Jun 2019

Very interesting

Had this talk been given to a smaller audience, I would give it a better mark. Unfortunately, the speaker's voice tone was exactly the same during the whole talk, making it really hard to follow from the distance.

However tough to keep the attention throughout the whole session, the contents were relevant and perfectly explained.

Geovanny Vega at 09:10 on 5 Jun 2019

Interisting but the tone voice was a bit boring.

Peter Stefan at 09:20 on 6 Jun 2019

Interesting thoughts from experienced speaker.

Pau Trepat at 09:50 on 6 Jun 2019

Very interesting and prepared talk but the way to deliver the talk could be improved. Voice projection, tone and presence management in the scenario requires a little bit work.

Luigi Corsello at 10:05 on 6 Jun 2019

Lost of strain on DevOps these days. This talk offered some very good insights on how to handle that. I wish certain management had attended... :)

Javi at 11:07 on 6 Jun 2019

Interesting talk


Really good

Miguel A. at 19:13 on 6 Jun 2019

Great explanation of Devops culture.

Miquel Mulero at 07:58 on 7 Jun 2019

Good content, could improve communication skills