Gone are the days of hand-typing commands into network devices one by one: the same benefits of Ansible seen on compute nodes can now be extended to the network nodes.

Through automation, CI/CD is not an application development concept anymore, but an enterprise culture that can also be extended to the network discipline. Learn about the difference between traditional and next-gen network operations, and why network teams need automation.


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Buitaker at 16:07 on 4 Jun 2019

Great exposition, just missed take a look at Jenkinsfile and playbooks YML.

Well prepared, and very fine explanation, it is clear that both speakers are experienced.

Iva Godo at 09:41 on 5 Jun 2019

Not bad presentation, but I expected was more deeper into ansible tower api examples and best practices for apply to a network environment.

Javi at 11:18 on 6 Jun 2019

I expected more examples but was great. Nice speakers