In this talk, we show the audience how we combined our experience as an enterprise SaaS provider with our experience as an OpenShift IaaS provider, to create an easy to use, easy to update and easy to rollback `Infrastructure as Code` Toolchain/Monitoring solution.

This solution faces updating, misconfiguration and diversification issues, by using Docker Images in combination with OpenShift.

We further discuss our self-service system, which enables us to decrease maintenance and to avoid manual steps by using automated deployment of large amounts of instances.

We will then discuss the idea of saving all configuration inside version control, while totally ignoring the users' UI changes.


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Iva Godo at 09:32 on 5 Jun 2019

Excellent approach and presentation, good example of a complete end to end Infrastructure as a code configured using the common tools and sense fit for the company proposes.
Maybe only missed more deeper event manager solutions and final advices based on the current experience archived.

Javi at 11:36 on 6 Jun 2019

Great speaker and talk

Very interesting speech.